Hi, I’m Holly.

I can help you get to know people at work. I’ll connect you to people who have the skills and interests you share and help you learn new things from peers.

Everyone who succeeds has had a mentor or mentors. Everyone Who Makes It Has a Mentor, HBR July–August 1978
Those with mentors and proteges ascribe extraordinary influence to their mentor nearly twice as often as those who have a mentor but no protege. (716) 266-3729
As people become more dynamic in their careers, the need to build relationships and community connections becomes integral to performance and innovation. Human Capital Trends 2017, Bersin by Deloitte
In a network of teams, leaders are often specialists rather than people managers, and organizations develop their people to fill roles rather than jobs, making sure people can move from team HR Technology Disruptions for 2018, Bersin by Deloitte
Employees who have many connections are more embedded, and thus have numerous reasons to stay in an organization. (612) 379-9704

Meanwhile ...

Over 83% of employees say they’d benefit from a mentoring program, yet just 30% of them have participated in one. How to Prepare Your Mentoring Program to Scale, Everwise
42% of millennials feel they will need to work elsewhere to gain the skills and experience aligned with their career ambitions.

They want to collaborate openly, using tools that allow them to gain visibility with others, exchange ideas, and innovate solutions. The millennial majority is transforming your culture, Deloitte
66% of younger workers report they don't have the opportunity to do what they do best at work, and only 29% feel that their opinion matters. (229) 889-6084
Only 24% of workers feel connected to their peers. 4163301827
Americans are less likely to have friends at work than in the past, but it’s crucial to our happiness. (403) 495-6075
Many organizations don’t do enough to help employees make connections or foster a sense of belonging. Google, Connections, onboarding, and the need to belong