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Meet Susan

My advertising, adjunct college teaching, digital marketing, sales, technology startup, investor relations career has exposed me to many experiences and has taken me to numerous locations across the globe.

As a keynote or breakout speaker, panel participant, conference moderator, and workshop leader; I have the fantastic opportunity to share, educate, and facilitate applying these insights at conferences, corporate summits, team retreats, and university events.

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Event Moderator

"Susan is a star. We [American Marketing Association - AMA - Houston Chapter) asked her to moderate panels for Digital Marketing events, and she has a knack for asking great questions that force business leaders to pause and reflect. Susan deeply understands the Marketing Technology intersection and has built strong companies and products."

Steven Leeper - Testimonial for Susan Farrell

Steven Leeper
Founder and CEO
AMA Houston Board Member


Panel Participant

"As a participant on the Mobile User Experience panel, Susan provided some great insight into mobile application strategy particularly regarding the user generational gap. Susan's knowledge of both the subject as well as the speakers allowed her to direct questions to the appropriate participants as well as provide additional clarity to help focus responses. It was a pleasure working with Susan at these events and learning from her."

Misty Khan - Testimonial for Susan Farrell

Misty Khan
Change Management and
Integration Consultant
Advena Artemis



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Let's Talk

As an event planner, I will work with you to make sure the topic is relevant to your group. While I have many prepared topics, if you are seeking a more custom-tailored subject - just let me know. I am sure we can work it out to meet your agenda needs. 

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