If you’re staring at a cracked or broken iPhone, iPad or Android cell phone screen and wondering how to get it fixed without wasting a ton of time or money, you’ve come to the right place. We are your source for affordable, convenient and professional iPhone and cell phone repair services in Lubbock, Texas. We’ve fixed almost everything you can imagine on an iPhone and iPad from devices that have been run over to those that have taken an impromptu swim at the lake.

Apple is notorious for offering limited support for physical hardware damage to their phones and tablets, which means third party outfits like our own have become popular due to the fast turn around time, friendly service and honest diagnosis. We provide the fastest turn around time, and use the highest quality parts available on the market to get your beloved iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and even iPhone 6 back up and running so you can get back to Instagram, Facebook or even Candy Crush.


We replace broken, cracked and blemished iPhone LCD screens almost everyday and have several technicians on our staff daily that can get this common repair done in as little as 30 minutes. Go grab a coffee, run some quick errands and you can come back to a completely replaced front screen backed by a comprehensive warranty. Individual cracks cannot be fixed at a reasonable price point, so you’re looking at getting the whole front display replaced for about $100 depending on current availability of parts.


One of the most frustrating issues our technicians address on a daily basis is charging and battery replacement on older devices, mostly the iPhone 4S and 5. After a certain amount of charge cycles, you can expect your battery duration last much less than it should. This isn’t an excuse to spend hundreds more on a new device, especially if you have nothing else wrong with your phone (broken screen, water damage, etc). Replacing the stock battery isn’t as hard as Apple makes it seem and our experienced technicians can get it done while you wait in most circumstances.


Not just anyone should be taking apart your beloved iPhone, Android or any other piece of technology you use everyday. DIY repairs are not covered by any warranty by any major manufacturer so make sure you’re dealing with only the most experienced repair shops in Lubbock that have an established warranty. Anyone can claim they are experienced and ultimately re-assure you, but established companies are not afraid to back up their work with a specific warranty that covers a reasonable time period. For example, most cell phone repair shops will offer a 60-90 day warranty that covers part defects but not obviously cover you dropping your phone and breaking it again!

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