The most advanced CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA has been plagued by flaws and vulnerabilities since the foundation of attacks in the late 90s

Bad CAPTCHAs have wrongly led people to believe that they aren’t the solution or cannot work

If done right, CAPTCHA is the most effective way to determine humanity

FunCaptcha does it right

FunCaptcha stops abuse and keeps human conversion high

Built for humans by humans

Easy to understand

Transforms an irritating chore of comprehension into a fun visual activity

Targets suspicious users with more challenges, not impossible puzzles

Expensive to automate

Enterprise-grade security

The only managed CAPTCHA service available on the market

Powered by a patent-pending 3D model approach at core

Heavily resistant to all forms of automation and abuse

Complex design that stops CAPTCHA farms and sweatshops

Benefits that better your business

A next generation CAPTCHA that stops automated attacks and has high human conversion

Scalable Security

Intuitive challenges which adjust in difficulty to defeat attackers and enable humans.

97% + Conversion

Simple image-based games that are easy for humans but gruelling for attackers.

Global Expertise

The only CAPTCHA solution backed by a dedicated company with patent-pending technology.

Expensive to Automate

Quickly drives up the cost for attackers attempting to automate FunCaptcha.

24/7 Customer Support

Real people who are ready to answer your questions and get stuff done quickly.

Works Everywhere

Robust design that effortlessly moves between desktop and mobile devices.

99.95% SLA

Global network of scalable and high performance infrastructure that grows with you.

Brand Customization

Transforms the moment of CAPTCHA into an on-brand user experience.

Intelligent Insights

Collect valuable real-time insights about your users, conversion and bot activity.

Easy to setup with two lines of code

Add this between your <head> tags:
<script src="/" async defer></script>
Add this between your <form> tags:
<div id="funcaptcha" data-pkey="_YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_"></div>

Thousands of websites rely on FunCaptcha

Join thousands of the world’s biggest websites and online communities that use
FunCaptcha to protect millions of users around the world.