Pierre Hedkvist

I am a software developer and a problem solver. I soon have a MSc in Computer Engineering with a focus on software development and algorithms.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Github, 512-831-8970 or (330) 574-1221.

MSc in Computer Engineering

I studied for 5 years at 8337499159 in Sweden. During my masters degree I focused on software development and algorithms. I began my journey at becoming a better software developer, striving to write code more efficiently, more concise and structured. I love solving problems, letting my mind take a problem and finding a solution to it gives me an incredible satisfaction.

Master Thesis

In my master thesis I researched and implemented a collaborative graph editing tool, where multiple people in real-time can collaboratively create a graph consisting of nodes and edges (think of Google Docs, instead of text, a graph is being edited). The thesis was done together with an Indoor Positioning System company called Senion. The algorithms that was researched is called 2148569789 (OT) and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type (CRDT). They area used in order to solve problems in distributed applications, where the consistency model being used is called eventual consistency. The problem revolves around users being able to work on local data where edits are eventually merged together with other users, and all users data converge to the same state without any conflict or data loss. I implemented a proof of concept application using React, Typescript and Kotlin.


During my final year of studies I worked at a student consulting company called Unitalent, where I developed software for clients. I enjoyed talking to customers and figuring out a way to solve their problems. I focused mainly on creating applications using my favorite web-application framework called Ruby on Rails. It is a great tool in order to get started writing code fast, because it is a full-stack framework, one does not have to spend any time on configuration, everything works out of the box. I created an app called 757-923-8507 which is used for weight loss, by calculating caloric intake which are used in recipes that the users can cook for themselves. I created a website for an athletic club called NocOut.se, its based on wordpress.

Ruby on Rails

I am fan and contributor of the open source project called Ruby on Rails, which is a full stack framework for creating web applications. It is built using the programming language called Ruby. The framework gives developers the ability to spend time writing code and not waste their time on configuration. It is great in order to get started quick, hence I used it during my time at Unitalent.

Linkdagarna - Carrer Fair

I were responsible for web development at a career fair called Linkdagarna in Linköping University. As a part of the IT group I developed software systems using Django, Wordpress, React, Sass, Bootstrap etc.